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Includes scripts that will allow you to switch to a specific Boss Fighting Style

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Animations mod allows you to quickly switch between chosen animations, done through a lua table!

Author rockstarfanatic
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This will spawn the bosses/leaders next to Jimmy, when the hotkey is pressed.

Author rockstarfanatic
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Norton has an opportunity for you to make some easy money.
But is there such a thing?

Author Undercover Shape
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7z.png Dog Mod HOT

Dog Mod (no readme)

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Selector mod that allows you to quickly switch factions!

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7z.png Fightclub 2.3HOT

Setup your own fightclub! Choose a location and difficulty and fight endless waves!

Author derpy54320
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First Person Mode, as if it were native.

Author derpy54320
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7z.png Fly 3 HOT

Noclip around and grab some coordinates while you're at it.

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You're a jedi now! Use the force, Luke.

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