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Sheldon will do everything in his power to make sure their kneecaps never see the light of day again.

Author Grant
File Size 857.35 KB
Download 348

Jimmy is now strapped the fuck up.

Author derpy54320
File Size 861.4 KB
Download 721

Rapid Punching while mounted!

Author derpy54320
File Size 860.28 KB
Download 339

Beta Mission created by Rockstar.

Author Rockstar
File Size 858.05 KB
Download 321

One of the most popular selector mods, containing a whole load of features and tools!

Author Altamurenza
File Size 982.78 KB
Download 484

Deleted beta version of Super Mod by Daboss (derpy) - One of the most famed selector mods in Bully history with a bunch of new features

Author derpy54320
File Size 880.15 KB
Download 1,520

The Cure mission mod - Daboss

Author derpy54320
File Size 868.67 KB
Download 254

Sequel to "The Cure" by Daboss

Author derpy54320
File Size 882.06 KB
Download 212

Toggle mayhem on and off, because who doesn't like destruction? :)

File Size 908.51 KB
Download 400

New Version (Remake) of the Selector Mod by Altamurenza, includes many bug fixes and new features from the original version.

Author Altamurenza
File Size 982.78 KB
Download 447